Fancy a bit on the side?

Chips (V)

A portion of our excellently cooked chips. Salt and Vinegar?
S £1.40 M £1.70 L £2.60

Chips in a Bun (V)

Chips in a bun, with or without butter. 

Chips with Cheese (V)

Medium or Large Chips with Cheese.
M £2.10 L £2.99

Garlic Bread (V)

 Crispy Garlic bread cooked to perfection.
4 £1.75 8 £3.25

Garlic Bread with Cheese (V)

Crispy Garlic bread cooked to perfection, with Cheese.
4 £2.49 8 £4.49

BBQ Wings

Small Chicken wings coated in tasty BBQ sauce.
6 £3.49 12 £6.49

Hot Wings

Small Chicken wings coated in hot/spicy chilli sauce.
6 £3.49 12 £6.49

Chicken Dippers

Succulent Chicken, oven-cooked for a rich taste.
6 £2.49 12 £4.49

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets, carefully salted for maximum taste.
6 £2.49 9 £3.25

Potato Wedges (V)

Potato Wedges, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

Spring Roll (V)

Beautifully rolled spring roll, crispy and hot.

Onion Rings (V)

Deep fried onion rings.
6 £1.50


Lightly fried Scampi.
6 £2.75

Battered Mushrooms (V)

Tasty battered mushrooms.

Buttered Roll (V)

A roll buttered with creamy butter. Perfect for some chips.

 Pineapple Fritter (V)

A fruity surprise, hidden in crispy batter.

 Pea Fritter (V)

Moist peas, encased in crunchy goodness.

Tray of Salad (V)

Fresh Salad with any topping.



A mild curry, served hot.
S £1.00 L £1.40

Onion Gravy

Tasty Onion Gravy.
S £1.00 L £1.40

Mushy Peas

Fresh peas, cooked to perfection in front of your eyes.
S £1.00 L £1.40


Soft beans coated in tomato sauce.