We offer both childrenand OAP discounts.


All children's meals include a pop drink.

Chips with Sauce

Chips with any sauce.

Hot Dog

Tasty Sausage sliced in a bun with any choice of sauce.

Onion Rings & Chips

Juicy Onion Rings served with our crispy Chips.

Sausage & Chips

A Sausage served on Chips.

Scampi & Chips

A sweet sea-treat served with Chips.

Chicken Nuggets & Chips

Crispy Nuggets and Chips.

Fish Fingers & Chips

Luxurious Fish Fingers. Served with Chips.


Small Fish & Chips

A small fish and small chips cooked fresh.

Scampi & Chips

Crispy Scampi and Chips.

Sausage & Chips

A tasty meal of Sausage and Chips.

Chicken Nuggets & Chips

Crispy Chicken Nuggets served with Chips.

Pie & Chips

A tasty Pie of choice, with Chips.

Fishcake & Chips 

A crispy Fish Cake with Chips.